The Benefits of Community Spirit.

The Benefits of Community Spirit.

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I recently delivered a first aid course to a small village in Cambridgeshire that is home to several farms and really does embrace community spirit. The residents of the village have a very close network that work together for the good of the village.

The village wanted to host the first aid course for some of their residents in order for the farms to comply with first aid regulations but also to improve the care given to all of their residents should any of them become ill or injured.

During the course everyone was very keen to learn the basics of first aid, which is particularly important for a very rural village that may have to wait slightly longer for the emergency services to arrive. I was able to answer specific questions and we had discussions based on particular circumstances to establish best practice.

After the course everyone felt much better prepared. The village have recently also received a defibrillator and are keen for as many residents as possible to know how to perform CPR and to use the defibrillator correctly.

I was so impressed by their approach to the village and their residents and by working together so closely they have been able to ensure the inclusion and improved welfare of everyone in the village and they have also made savings by getting together to book training as a group rather than as individuals or individual businesses.

If more communities made efforts to work together and improve community spirit in the same way it could improve the lives of everyone in so many ways and this idea can extend to many settings such as industrial estates, branches within a business and charities. For example, a business could host a training course and invite other businesses to place employees on the course, which would reduce the distance that employees would have to travel for the course and also reduce costs, as the costs would be shared.


First Aid Confidence offers in-house courses and group bookings where this principle could be used.

Please Contact Us for more information and to discuss your training requirements.

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