First Aid Provision in the Workplace: a simple guide.
First Aid Provision in the Workplace: a simple guide

First Aid Provision in the Workplace: a simple guide.

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Here at First Aid Confidence we understand that the first aid regulations that govern first aid provision within the workplace can be a bit confusing therefore we have put together this guide to first aid provision in the workplace based on the common questions that we get asked.


What does the Health and Safety Executive say about first aid provision in the workplace?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) state that ‘First aid provision must be adequate and appropriate in the circumstances’, which means that ‘you must provide sufficient first aid equipment (first aid kit), facilities and personnel at all times.’


How do I work out what first aid provision we need?

A good starting point for any business is to carry out a first aid needs assessment that considers the workforce, the workplace and any hazards and risks that are present. Further details about what to consider when carrying out a first aid needs assessment can be found on the Needs Assessment document provided by the HSE. The HSE also provide a Suggested Numbers of First Aid Personnel table as a guide for businesses.


What training do I need to provide?

The standard courses are the one day Emergency First Aid at Work course and the three day First Aid at Work course. A first aid training provider must adhere to the course duration times and content as stated by the HSE. More information about these courses can be found by clicking the links to these courses above.


How can I ensure that we receive high quality training?

A simple guide to Choosing a First Aid Training Provider can be found in our blog section. The HSE has also produced guidance for businesses when Selecting a First-Aid Training Provider.


I hope that you have found this guide to first aid provision in the workplace useful.

A list of the first aid courses that we offer including course content and in-house course prices can be found under Course Details in the main menu of our website and details of our open courses can be seen by clicking Course Dates in the main menu.

Please have a look at our list of blogs as they may also be useful to you.

If you would like any further information about first aid training or would like to book a course then please contact us at or on 07939 885330 or fill in our Enquiry Form.




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